Building information modelling, or known as BIM, has existed since the 1970s and is rapidly expanding around the world. In 2012, Construction Industry Develepment Board (CIDB) Malaysia began their promotion of BIM with the focus to assist industry players to adopt BIM. Indeed, there are significant differences between companies’ experience in adopting BIM. The construction industry is facing paradigm shift of adopting BIM objectively to increase productivity and reduce waste.

Why BIM?

There are numerous of studies show benefits and positive ROI on their overall investment in BIM. Among, few important values of adopting BIM include:

1. Better Collaboration and coordination
2. Better visualization and simulation
3. Improve productivity
4. Reduces time, conflicts and Rework
5. Cost Saving
6. Reusable model for facility management

Common Challenges adopting BIM?

After years of experience, we have identify few common challenges in early stage of adopting BIM.

1. Lack of BIM resources, knowledge, skills and supports
2. Doesn’t know where to start off
3. Budget constraint

How can we help?

ProBIM helps customer to implement BIM by understanding their BIM requirements, objectives, time frame and available resources. We are committed to provide professional consultation services to ensure customer adopted BIM wisely. ProBIM provides comprehensive CAD & BIM services including :

  • BIM Implementation and Adoption Consultation
  • BIM/Revit/3D Modelling Services
  • Revit Family Modelling Services
  • BIM Modeller Deployment Services
  • Revit & Navisworks Software Training
  • Customized, Hands holding and Pilot training
  • Material and Quantity take off
  • Clash detection Services
  • Animation and Visualization Services


ProBIM is a Malaysian based company offering CAD and BIM Consultations and services. We are committed to help companies identify the business benefits of BIM and adopting BIM process more quickly and economically. With our expertise, we also assist customer streamline their process. We improve work efficiency by reducing clashes, cost and time through model-based method. With years of experience in construction industry, ProBIM understand well how would the BIM works, typically in Malaysia. ProBIM team is able to provide guidance in implementing and adopting BIM base on the organization’s requirements, objective and resources.

ProBIM has worked on various projects, from residential to commercial building, factory, semidetached house, condominium, infrastructure and also mixed development . We have assisted customers to produce 3D model from Level of Detail (LOD) 300 to 500, which enable customer to use the right model details during different stage. For more details about our previous projects, please contact us for more details.


To find out more how would you benefit from the Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology and ways of implementing, please feel free to contact us for a further discussion. We would able to give you a proposal of formulating and setting up the technology, tools, team, process, standard and starts implementing BIM.